Discover the surroundings of Camping des Cerisiers

You have chosen to come and spend your holidays in Morbihan! You will spend pleasant moments in Brittany, a rich and varied territory to have a good time with your family. You will be able to discover the Pays de Josselin which is full of accessible tourist activities during your stay at the camping des cerisiers!

Many hikes

The whole area is full of trails, forests, canals and many other places.

This makes it a remarkable destination if you want to go hiking. Whether on foot, by bike or even on horseback, the country of Brocéliande has more than 200 marked trails to discover.

More than 2000 kilometers of hiking loops will be accessible to you during your stay. This could be an opportunity for you to discover the richness of nature, chase the local inhabitants and enjoy the tourist heritage around our campsite!

Josselin and its castle

Built in the 11th century on a rocky relief overlooking the Oust valley, Josselin has marked Brittany for its few thousand years of history. This small city of character has a serene atmosphere, where the strength of the architectural heritage meets the softness of modern nature.

You will discover all the charm of this small town by strolling through the narrow cobbled streets of its medieval suburb where you can find many craftsmen established in the middle of old half-timbered houses.

You can also visit the magnificent castle of Josselin, considered one of the most beautiful in Brittany. More than 1,000 years old, it will offer you the remarkable spectacle of history thanks to its feudal architecture mixed with Renaissance style.

Lac au Duc (Duke's Lake)

With its 250 ha, Lac au Duc is one of the largest bodies of water in Brittany. In this large-format setting, athletes, breath-seekers, fishermen, botany enthusiasts, trail surveyors come to recharge their batteries.

This body of water is the perfect place to take a dip!

Lac au Duc has a range of remarkable activities: golf, boating, hiking, cycling, fishing, hydrangea circuit, games for children…

Astronomical Clock in Ploermel

Built from 1850 to 1855 by Brother Bernardin (which still works) is made of 200 pinions that manage both 10 dials and a solar system.

It indicates the hour, the date, the phases of the Moon, the seasons, the equation of Time, the positions of the Moon, the earth and the Sun and the celestial sky. It also has a representation of the solar system known at the time.

This clock was classified as a Historic Monument in 1982 and is renowned for its very high precision.

It’s worth the detour !

Lizio the Amazing

Lizio is a charming little town full of character that will amaze you with its architecture and its relaxed way of life. The people there are very friendly and welcoming.

First visit the insectarium and the butterfly aviary, where you will observe the amazing world of the tiny, its varied colors, its diversity and its strange functioning.

You will then be able to discover the world of the scrap metal poet. Created by a passionate sculptor for more than 20 years, it’s a world where you will find your child’s soul thanks to the animated sculptures and automatons that will amaze you!

Brocéliande and its legends

Do you like nature, old stones and calm to walk around? Visit the Brocéliande forest and discover its nature, its heritage and its legends.

Many activities are offered around the legends of Brocéliande and Arthurian legends.

For example, you can find storytellers who will guide you through this huge forest telling you the stories of the fairy Viviane (the lady of the lake), Merlin and King Arthur!